Tempus project meeting

by Tomáš Slanina

The Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Sciences and Faculty of EU Studies and Regional Development  of the  SUA in Nitra organizes a practical visit of 25 guests from the Uzbek partner institutions in Nitra within the framework of the defined project objectives. It will consist of discussions in expert sections, practical excursions and meetings of the international project consortium.


Date of the meeting at the SUA in Nitra:                          September 22 – 30,  2015


More information about the project and the activities carried out are available at: http://www.uzhelth.org/


"UZHELTH is a Republic of Uzbekistan Structural Measures National project, supported morally and financially by the European Commission through its TEMPUS programme, under Grant Agreement 2013-4621. This web-site is produced by the partnership and the European Commission cannot be held responsible for it, nor for any use made of it."

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